Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swiss Buttercream Icing

I use this buttercream recipe for all my cakes. I love the light texture, rich flavour and the lack of grittiness that comes with buttercreams using icing sugar. Because it has such a high fat content you should use oil based colours or candy colours so the colour will blend in easier. You can also flavour it with any kind of flavouring like grand marnier or bailey's or add melted chocolate.Here's the recipe:

454g sugar
225g egg whites
550g butter - unsalted
1 Tbsp vanilla

Put the egg whites and sugar in a Kitchen Aid bowl and put the bowl over boiling water.
Stir with a whisk while bringing the mixture to 60C or until the mixture loses its grittiness, the sugar has dissolved and it is hot to the touch.

Take off heat and using the
whip attachment whip until cool - approximately 5-7 minutes.

Nice and thick and fluffy!

Gradually add the butter

and then vanilla.

Tadaaa! A beautiful buttercream that looks like thick whipped cream, tastes great and is easy to use!!!
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